Watch Jason Polakow ripping in Maui

Windsurf legend Jason Polakow takes us for a ride – and talks about how windsurfing gear is made.
By Josh Sampiero

If surfing is about harnessing the power of a wave, windsurfing is about harnessing the power of the ocean and the sky. That's a lot of power – and to keep it in control, you need the right tools.

For a life-long professional windsurfer like Jason Polakow, developing those tools has become an important part of the job. He'll work closely with sail designers like Robert Stroj to fine tune his rig for the best ride possible.

Jason Polakow jumping from the top of a wave.
Smacking the lip at Lanes © Jimmie Hepp/Red Bull Content Pool

Whether it's in the air or on the wave, he needs to be in charge of where he's going next – and in windsurfing, that's done by an intricate combination of forces administered through his hands, feet, and the sail itself. Not an easy task!

Jason Polakow flying through the air during his windsurf in Hawaii.
Crashes have been known to occur © Jimmie Hepp/Red Bull Content Pool

It's the hidden work behind the lives of many of today's pro athletes. It's not all just photo shoots and parties, boat trips and powder-hunting. Being an action sport pro means training hard and working hard.

Jason Polakow hanging on a helicopter during his windsurf in Hawaii.
Now that's what we call a helping hand © Jimmie Hepp/Red Bull Content Pool

And while R+D is work, don't worry, it's still plenty of fun. Watch as Polakow grabs some waves at Lanes, the port-tack break next to Ho'okipa Beach Park in Maui. While wind conditions rarely line up for this wave to fire, when it does, it's a sight to see. Enjoy!

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