Seven climbing galleries to leave you in awe

Take a peak at these galleries to inspire your summit dreams, or just sit back and admire the views.
David Lama climbs Cerro Torre, Patagonia
David Lama on Cerro Torre, Patagonia © Lincoln Else/Red Bull Content Pool
By Tarquin Cooper

Long summer nights – the best time of year for epic climbs or chilled cragging with friends. Need some inspiration? We trawled through our best climbing stories over the last year – and showcase them below to get you fired up. Enjoy...

1. Into the light
Stefan Glowacz and Chris Sharma climb Majlis al Jinn, one of the world's largest cave chambers. It was one of the world's longest overhanging climbs and quite an experience for the pair.

2. Unlikely places to climb
Most climbers are used to the challenges that different rock and ice types pose, whether granite or gritstone, loose snow or bullet hard ice. But these aren't the only surfaces worth climbing, as we discovered in this gallery.

3. Cerro Torre
One of the most eagerly awaited climbing films, Cerro Torre: A Snowball’s Chance in Hell tells the story of David Lama's three expeditions to the legendary Patagonian peak. These are the photos.


4. Jungle march through the Brazilian Amazon
Sometimes just getting to the climb is half the adventure. This was especially true of Stefan Glowacz's adventure to Roraima.

5. 7 (Russian) Giants
No, 5.7 is not the climbing grade. You can expect more from the top alpinist Stefan Glowacz who continues to search the world for interesting – and remote climbs. The 7 Giants is no exception.

6. Get vertical with Sasha Di Giulian
On some of the hardest routes on mother earth, this girl can send rock – and more earthly structures. Check this gallery to see her in action.

7. The world's gnarliest cold climbs
'Disco leg'*, 'hot aches'** and pure animalistic fear. Yes, these are just some of the joys of climbing on the cold stuff. We look back and marvel at some of the best climbs of the winter. Bold stuff.

(*Disco leg: involuntary leg spasms caused from standing in one position for too long. **Hot aches: the feeling of nails being hammered into your fingertips when warm blood returns to cold hands.) 


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