An Absolutely Cinematic Freefall From 33,000 Feet

Prepare to be amazed by Fred Fugen and Vince Reffet’s landmark skydive over Mont Blanc.
By Tarquin Cooper

When it comes to ground-breaking and mind-blowing skydives it's fair to say that there's some competition around. To impress these days, you've got to do something really amazing. Fred Fugen and Vince Reffet's high altitude jump above Mont Blanc is just that.

They jumped from 10,000m (nearly 33,000 feet) into an air temperature of -55 degree C, and performed high altitude sync'd moves during 40 seconds of freefall, before pulling chutes above western Europe's highest mountain and swooping down its longest ridge sometimes just 10m above the rock.

"We're so happy to have made it – it was a big dream, the result of a year and half of preparation," says Fred. "It was the complete jump."

Stay tuned. In the coming days we'll be sharing their POV footage, and full behind-the-scenes story. See more on the #skycombo microsite.

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