The seven must-see POV videos

What’s it really like to pull off an incredible adventure? Why don’t you see for yourself...
Red Bull Air Force Wingsuit Flyers
Red Bull Air Force Wingsuit Flyers © Andy Farrington/Red Bull Content Pool
By Tarquin Cooper

Adventures are best enjoyed when you're out there yourself, calling the shots and exploring your own limits. But watching someone else's exploits can be pretty darn good too – especially when the athletes concerned are pulling off the kind of feats that would be unthinkable to most mere mortals.

From wingsuit flying over New York, to jumping from space and making a free solo slackline hundreds of metres off the ground, we've pulled together the best POV videos to give you a vicarious thrill to remember.

1. Patrick Kerber's alpine wingsuit flight
We don't know what it's exactly like to see the Swiss Alps from the point of view of a bird of prey, but this has got to be close. Patrick Kerber definitely scared a few mountain goats (and us too!) as he raced over rocky cliffs and rarely-touched ridges.

2. Felix Baumgartner's jump from space
POV clips don't get much better than Felix Baumgartner's record-breaking Red Bull Stratos jump, in which he reached a speed of 1,357km/h. Join him as he hurtles to earth at Mach 1.25, goes into a terror-inducing spin – and then recovers to parachute safely to land. You may need to sit down after watching this.

3. Speed riding with Vince Reffet and JT Holmes

If you're anything like most human beings, you look at speedflying clips and say, 'Awesome! But there's no way I'm crazy enough to do that…' Like this one, for example. It's Vince Reffet and JT Holmes dodging cliffs and trees at speeds which would leave most of asking for a seatbelt. You'd better buckle up.

4. Climbing an alpine peak with David Lama

Climbing is not the easiest thing to film with a headcam but David Lama shows that he's not just a great alpinist with this clip. It'll leave you even more impressed as he heads up Alaska's Moose's Tooth on holds so slim you wouldn't trust them to hang your washing. Don't look down.


5. Free solo slackline

What does it take to traverse a 23m slackline, 200m above Yosemite Valley, where a mistake would mean certain death? Balls of steel as far as we can make out after watching this clip. According to Mich Kemeter, it's something more subtle: "confidence in the high line and inner balance!"


6. Wingsuit over New York

POV videos don't get much more dramatic and spectacular than flying a wingsuit over New York City. It's some of the most heavily-trafficked and restricted airspace in the world, but with careful planning and all the right permissions the Red Bull Air Force team took to the skies above The Big Apple.

7. Paragliding over Hawaii

Join pilots Veso Ovcharov and Petar Loncar in this video as they soar above the islands of Hawaii. They'll give you a tour of the islands like you never imagined. Wingsuit flying may be more of a thrill, but paragliding lets you experience what it's like to soar about the clouds like a bird of prey.

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