Are these the most rad ways to ride?

Kayaking on snow? What happens when you take your sport somewhere it’s not supposed to go?
Cutun Martin sliding on an iceberg.
Put it on ice © Luis Vidales/Red Bull Content Pool
By Marc Schwarz

Every sport has its arena – but sometimes, it's fun to leave the playing field. Occasionally, the willingness to experiment can produce some amazing images – like Cutun Martin, above, putting floating chunks of ice to very good use with manoeuvres like this wall ride. Below are some of the wildest, wackiest places we've seen sport take place – enjoy!

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Salt surfing
Bruna Kajiya and Reno Romeu on the Agua Branca Salt Terminal in Areia Branca. Hope they don't take a salty spill – that might scratch!

Bruna Kajiya and Reno Romeu kiting on salt.
Bruna Kajiya and Reno Romeu slaying the salt © Marcelo Maragni/Red Bull Content Pool

Sauna cycling
Christian Schiester trains for his next hot-weather expedition by biking in a sauna at Bad Radkersburg, Austria. Not sure what the other sauna-goers think of the view.

Christian Schiester biking inside a sauna.
Christian Schiester getting steamy in the sauna © Philip Platzer/Red Bull Content Pool

Crashing canals
Duncan Zuur grabs a winch handle and goes wakeboarding in the famous canals of Venice during 'acqua alta'.

Duncan Zuur wakeboarding through venice.
Wall to wall wakeboarding action © Jörg Mitter/Red Bull Content Pool

Shredding stairs
Theo Duarte takes his mountain bike through the colourful cityscape of Rio de Janeiro, and yes, it's a race.

Theo Duarte biking through the city of Rio de Janeiro.
Fun in the favelas with Theo Duarte © Marcelo Maragni/Red Bull Content Pool

Cold kayaking
Ahti Reinup gets ready for a run in the Red Bull Snow Kayak in Tallinn, Estonia.

Ahti Reinup kayaking down over snow.
It's white, it's sort of water, so let’s kayak © Jaanus Ree/Red Bull Content Pool

Summer skiing
Yes, this is actually possible, and yes, the technique is similar to skiing. Call it summer training!

Grass skiing during a competition in Austria.
A log way off piste © Josef Štěpán

Sand skiing
Ski touring is not only possible on snow and grass – you can do it on sand too! Henrik May from brought this sport to the Namibian desert. 

Ski touring in the desert of Namibia
Desert ski touring ©

Ice(berg) climbing
Will Gadd finds a funny spot to climb – on an iceberg in Labrador, Makkovik, Canada.

Will Gadd climbing an iceberg in Canada.
Just the tip of the iceberg © Christian Pondella/Red Bull Content Pool

Subterrenean SUP
Wolfgang Leeb goes stand up paddling at the Altaussee Salt Mine in Austria. Where there's water (and enough room to stand) you can SUP!

Wolfgang Leeb stand up paddling at the Altaussee Salt Mine lake.
Subterranean SUP ©

Cave turns
Lothar Hofer telemarking in Europe's biggest icecave in Schwarzmooskogel, Austria.

Lothar Hofer telemarking in europes biggest icecave.
Lothar Hofer telemarking europes biggest icecave ©

Cranberry carve
Ben Horan carves through a field of cranberries during a Red Bull Winch Session in this Top 50 shot from Red Bull Illume 2013. Check out more on

Ben Horan wakeboarding through a field of cranberries.
Ben Horan wakeboarding © Ryan Taylor/Red Bull Illume

Slicing up the ice
Did you know the fastest way to sail isn't on the water – or at least not the liquid form of it? These 'boats' have been known to reach up to 130kph.

Participants performing during the Ice Sailing European Championships in Kuressaare, Estonia.
Ice Sailing European Championships © Oskar Kihlborg

Ripping up rocks
Austrian Freeskier Christoph Ebenbichler skis down a slope full of rocks. We just feel sorry for his skis.

Christoph Ebenbichler skiing down a slope full of rocks.
Christoph Ebenbichler skiiing on rocks © Dominic Ebenbichler

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