These amazing photos will make you see stars

The day may be made for play, but night is alright, too. Check out these inspiring night-sky images.
Stars moving on the sky and shining through some icicles.
Icy Trail © Maurizio Pignotti
By Marc Schwarz

Sometimes, the camera can see more than our eyes – especially when you're doing long exposures in dark places. There's few better ways to see the stars than to let a DSLR camera stay up all night for you! Scroll down for our gallery of amazing night sky images, like the one above – a composition of more than 150 shots and three levels of exposure, taken in a very cold place.

Sunrise and stars
This final frame of a timelapse sequence by Maurizio Pignotti is entitled 'Hyperspace'.

Calm see but the stars in the sky are moving.
Welcome to hyperspace © Maurizio Pignotti

Stars and stone
Pignotti swears this image of the Milky Way is directly off of his camera with no re-touching. 

This shot is real, no composition, believe it.
Count the stars – we dare you © Maurizio Pignotti

Big circles in the sky
Sixteen different images were combined to the make this eerie image.

With this long exposure shot you can see how the stars move.
Stars leave tracks in the sky © Maurizio Pignotti

Northern lights
The famous Aurora Borealis lights up the night time sky. To see lights like this, you generally need to head to the northern latitudes in places such as Norway, Canada, or Iceland.

The sky with the stars and the northern green light looks like in a dream.
This shot leaves us green with envy © Elia Locardi

Big sky at Big Stick
Near the San Juan River in Bluff, Utah, is the 'Big Stick' campground, know for rock art, ruins, geology, wildlife – and dark night sky.

Milky way heaven above the San Juan River.
A great spot for a tent © Jacob W. Frank-

Circular stars
This is the night sky above the extraordinary landscape of Mt Bromo, in Indonesia.

Stunning scenery over the Tengger Massif
Find surf and stars in Indonesia © Elia Locardi

Starlight and stones
Rocks line the beach in Conero Regional Park in Italy in this single-exposure image.

Impressive stars scenery over the italian beach.
A rocking view of the night sky © Maurizio Pignotti

Black and blue
This shot of snow-covered mountains is a composite of 180 images, and required a 'zoom machine'.

Busy Sky over snow covered mountains.
Is this heavan? Maybe © Maurizio Pignotti

Lake light
Lake Pilat sits 2,000m above sea level – and damn near as close to the stars as you can get.

Reflections in the lake pilat.
Stars above and below © Maurizio Pignotti

White night
This is the view across a group of 'ice penitentes' on a high-altitude plateau in the Chilean Andes, looking towards the Licancabur volcano. Penitentes, or 'nieves penitentes', are a snow formation found at high altitudes.

Stunning scenery over the Tengger Massif
Stunning scenery over the Tengger Massif © Babak Tafreshi

Chilled milk
A stargazer watches the southern view of the Milky Way from the Altiplano, a high plain in northern Chile. The two brightest stars of the Earth night sky, Sirius and Canopus, are on the right.

A stargazer watching the southern view of the Milky Way from the Altiplano in northern Chile.
Watching the milky way © Babak Tafreshi

A grand vision
Night sky over the Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, USA, with bands of green and red appearing above the horizon. The Teton mountains appear in the background and the famous Snake River is at the bottom.

Night sky with a unique airglow over the Grand Teton National Park.
A truly grand view © Babak Tafreshi

Magical Meteora
'Metorea' means 'middle of the sky' or 'in the heavens above'. This World Heritage site is a historic complex of bizarre monasteries built here on amazing natural sandstone rock pillars. Some are approximately one thousand years old.

Great scenery over the meteora in Greece.
Same sky as 1,000 years ago – almost © Babak Tafreshi

Night and day
This shot was actually taken quite late at night, as stars move over the Coyote Buttes wave, a sandstone formation near the Arizona-Utah border.

Moving stars scenery over the Coyote Buttes wave.
Sand you'd like to surf © Stefan Forster

Stars and sand
This is a desert we'd love to be stuck in – the clear, cold air of arid desert often makes for the best stargazing.

Sure, we can sleep here for the night
Stars and sands © Patrick Galibert

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