Sit back, relax and enjoy some Alaskan airtime

Ace paragliding pilot Gavin McClurg takes us on a recco mission to the Alaskan mountain range.
By Evan David

Gavin McClurg has a dream – to do a paragliding vol-bivvy trip of the Alaskan mountain range.

He's very clear: the mere idea of doing such a thing is absolutely insane. Says Gavin: “I want to bivvy fly the full length of the Alaska Range. 350 miles. I can’t imagine a more remote, desperate or difficult flying line. Big mountains. Lots of bears. No people, no villages, no road.”


“Big mountains. Lots of bears. No people...” © Jody MacDonald

That's why he and his friends bought a helicopter.

Whether it will be the key to unlocking a vol-bivvy in the Alaska Range remains to be seen, but in the meantime, they took it exploring – and scored some incredible flying and speed riding, seen in the video above.

The plan is a vol-bivvy over the Alaskan range. © Jody MacDonald

“This trip was seeking out places to fly and testing out procedures with the helicopter,” says McClurg. ”There are so many small pieces of this huge puzzle that are going to have to fit together perfectly for the expedition to succeed and all this practice is crucial!”

Gavin grabs a speed riding selfie © Gavin McClurg

While McClurg and his crew are doing all the hard work of figuring out how to pull this one off, enjoy the fruits of their labour, and contemplate Alaska, by the air.

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