Now this is how to jump off a cliff in style

The Epic series goes cliff jumping in Norway, with aerial acrobatics thanks to the Soul Flyers team.
By Evan David

Call them pilots or call them daredevils – it doesn't matter. Vincent Reffet and Fred Fugen – the French duo more commonly known as the core of the Soul Flyers team – are simply amazing in the air.

The throwback video above, part of our summer-long weekly Epic series, recounts some of their more awe-inspiring aerial acrobatics over Norway back in 2012.

Flying in close proximity to each other (and, you know, the earth itself) the pair executes extremely technical free-fall manoeuvres before throwing their chutes and safely coming down to earth.

Says Fugen: “We used about five seconds of free-fall time to gain speed and get away from the wall, ten seconds to perform maneuvers, and another five seconds to seperate, track away, and give ourselves room to open our chutes safely!”

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