Training for the First-Ever 4-Cross Wingsuit Race

See how the intrepid wingsuit pilots of Red Bull Aces prepare for a brand new aerial battle.
By Evan David

To race well, you've got to train. But how do you start training for a race when there's never been one like it before?

That was the dilemma facing some of the best wingsuit pilots in the world at the first Red Bull Aces 4-Cross event. Given the event's inaugural status, director Luke Aikins very smartly scheduled a training day before competition actually began, to give the pilots the chance to get a feel for navigating the aerial course.

Check out the 'training day' video above to get a sense of what these high-flying stuntmen did to get ready for the world's first four-man wingsuit race.

What made it easier on him was knowing that some of the most accomplished wingsuit pilots in the world were on hand. “That's why these guys are here. They're the best in the world!” says Aikins.

He elaborates further on just what he hopes this first-time event will become. “Wingsuit racing has existed before, but we want to evolve past simply having two guys jump off a cliff and seeing who can go the furthest.”

A look into the training day reveals camaraderie among a tight-knit group of high-performance athletes, but once competition begins in earnest, the jovial atmosphere may go away. “It's not going to be as buddy-buddy when after you're knocked out, you don't jump again,” says Aikins.

Tune in next Monday (August 18) for the next episode of Red Bull Aces.

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