Motion, frozen: Images of glaciers

Cold and creeping – these images display the world’s most impressive glacial landscapes.
Massive glacier surrounded by clouds and fog rising into the water.
Massive glacier © Getty Images/Flickr Open
By Marc Schwarz

They've been in existence for epochs, yet change everyday – they're stolid and immobile, yet constantly moving. Alpline glaciers are rivers of ice coming down from a mountain. Their movement is as undeniable as gravity itself – and so is their magnifence. Scroll down for some of our favourite icy images.

Black and white
Adventure photographer Jody MacDonald nabbed this shot high above the Knik Glaciers in Alaska while scouting a paragliding trip.

Amazing view of the glacier © Jody MacDonald

Flying over Mordor
Who said islands can't have glaciers? A speed rider swoops in front of a glacial cliff on Mt Cook in New Zealand.

Skiing and paragliding is the most fun you can have on a mountain.
Flying over Mordor © Tristan Shu

Glacial gap
David Lama gaps across the glacier on a slackline while waiting in base camp during his attempt on Masherbrum this spring.

David Lama slacklining on his way to the Masherbrum.
David Lama slacklines in base camp © Manuel Ferrigato/Red Bull Content Pool

Icy biking
Petr Kraus rolls on in Greenland. How many glaciers are there in a place called Greenland, you might wonder? 54. Not very green.

Petr Kraus biking on the Russel Glacier.
Petr Kraus © Mads Pihl/Red Bull Content Pool

Risky walking
Axel Naglich and Peter Ressmann move carefully across Mount St. Elias, the second-highest mountain in the North American continent. The original goal was to summit, then descend via a 5,000m+ run to Icy Bay, Alaska. Check out the movie here.

Axel Naglich and Peter Ressmann hiking over a glacier.
Axel Naglich and Peter Ressmann © Beat Kammerlander/Red Bull Content Pool

Across the ice
A view from above during Red Bull X-Alps. This is the Matterhorn in Zermatt, Switzerland.

Sunning scenery of a paraglider flying over the glacier.
Matterhorn glacier during Red Bull X-Alps 2013 © Felix Woelk/Red Bull Content Pool

Canvassing for caves
Cave explorer Robbie Shone searches for 'moulins' – holes that open to glacial caves – on the Mt Blanc Massif.

Caving in Switzerland
Canvassing for caves © Robbie Shone

Ice boat
The Jacobsen Glacier flows from the Holland Range in Antarctica, north-east into the Ross Ice Shelf. Safe to say, it's always cold down there.

Two adventurers canoeing infront of the Jacobsen glacier.
Canoeing in front of the Jacobsen glacier © Getty Images/All Canada Photos

Foxy and freezing
New Zealand's Fox Glacier is jagged, intimidating, and tough to tackle. Danger awaits those who come near.

The Fox Glacier showing its beauty auring the last sunlight in the evening.
Fox Glacier in New Zealand © Getty Images/Flickr RF

Sea of glass
The 'Mer de Glace' descends from the Mt Blanc Massif in France. Ridges in the ice show the slow movement, having taken place over decades and centuries.

Great panorama of the Mont Blanc Mer de Glace.
Mont Blanc's Mer de Glace © Getty Images/ RM

Glacial ponds
Below Mt Blanc, glacial pools collect cool blue water. Even if you fancy a dip, probably best to wait until you're in the valley before getting wet – that water was probably ice not too long ago!

People exploring the Haute Savoie glacier lake.
Mont Blanc's Haute Savoie © Getty Images/ RM

Canyons and crevasses
A team of climbers moves carefully over various pitfalls and dangers – always a standard of glacial exploration.

People hiking over a glacier.
Glacier walk © Getty Images/Flickr RM

Fogged in
The Von Post Glacier in Spitsbergen, the largest island of the Arctic archipelago Svalbard – one of the world's most incredible adventure destinations.

Foggy conditiona at the Von Post Glacier in Spitsbergen.
Foggy Von Post Glacier in Spitsbergen © Cultura Travel/Philip Lee Harvey

Serene Serrano
The Serrano Glacier in Chile enjoys a rare moment of sunshine and calm weather.

The Serrano glacier during sunshine in chile.
Serrano Glacier in Chile © Cultura Travel/Philip Lee Harvey

Glacial over under
The vast majority of this particular glaciar sits below the water level – in this case, over 90 percent of it.

The Serrano glacier during sunshine in chile.
A glacier below and above the water © Getty Images/Moment Open

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