The Epic Series goes wakeboarding in Patagonia

Wakeboarding goes south in the next instalment of our Epic Series video – a long way south.
Parks Bonifay sliding down a ice rock.
Ice slide © Gustavo Cherro/Red Bull Content Pool
By Evan David

When you hear the phrase 'shredding the glacier' the first thing that might come to mind would be skiing or snowboarding, but that's not what's happening in the next clip of our Epic Series videos. 

Adam Errington and Parks Bonifay, hailing from the tropical climate of Orlando, Florida, have found an entirely new way to slide over frozen water: wakeboarding around (and on top of!) glaciers in Patagonia with pals Cutun Martin and Tomas Karagozian. 

Submersing themselves in the frigid water meant extra layers of rubber, but the chance to use such unique natural features in a new way was totally worth it. Los Glacieres Parque Nacional may have been the last place any of these guys expected to go wakeboarding – but as the video above clearly illustrates, they're glad they did.

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