Miles Above Episode 1: Air Force Rodeo in the Sky

When the world's best skydive team gets together, anything can happen -- like a wingsuit rodeo.
© Brian Nevins/Red Bull Content Pool
By Scott Hart

In the player above, you can watch the complete first episode of the ten-part 'Miles Above: The Red Bull Air Force' series. The team of elite skydivers gets together for its first training camp, and over the course of four days, we get to know the members of this incredible aerial team and take an up-close and intimate look into their unique lives.

"As the team has grown, this is our first time actually getting together as a whole team and flying together," said long-time Red Bull Air Force member Miles Daisher. "And it's awesome."

While Daisher, Jon Devore and the rest of the Red Bull Air Force take to the skies to push the limits of human flight, Kirby Chambliss puts his Zivko Edge 540 aerobatic plane through its paces, piercing through the center of a 12-man wingsuit formation.

In the premiere episode, the series begins to explore what drives them as individuals, and reveals what goes on behind the curtain of every new skydive, formation, BASE jump, wingsuit flight, aerobatics, and even wingsuit rodeos -- yes, we said 'wingsuit rodeos.'

The first episode of 'Miles Above: The Red Bull Air Force' video series kicked off on August 19 in celebration of National Aviation Day -- visit for more info -- and look for new episodes released every other Tuesday.

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