Watch the Red Bull Aces final aerial battle

High speed at high altitude in the finale of Red Bull Aces, the first four-cross wingsuit race.
By Evan David

The race is on.

There have been two-at-a-time drag race style wingsuit races before, but never before has human flight seen this: a race course suspended in the air, around which the world's best wingsuit pilots navigate at the highest speeds they can.

On the finals day, four athletes: Andy Farrington, Noah Bahnson, Jhonathon Florez and Julian Boulle took to the skies in a James Bond-esque race through the sky, banking turns around the course that was dangling from helicopters.

The biggest challenge? Securing a good spot at the start. “If you don't get a good spot on the exit, you're out!” says Andy Farrington. And he should know – the finals left Jhonathan Florez in fourth, Julian Boulle in third, Noah Bahnson in second, and Andy Farrington taking home the honours.

“This competition is the future,” says Farrington. Organiser Luke Aikins agrees: “The athletes left here so excited, I hope the world sees the potential for what we did the same way we do!”

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