Check out August’s most awesome photo galleries

You like pictures? You’ll love these. Incredible images of flight, ice, night and more.
The sky with the stars and the northern green light looks like in a dream.
This shot leaves us green with envy © Elia Locardi
By Rick Rycroft

A good photograph captures more than the eye can see – whether it's an imperceptible moment of high-speed action, or simply stunning scenery. Here's some of our favourite shots from the last few weeks!

Cool off with these incredible images of glaciers
Sick of the summer heat? Chill out with some of the world's most famous glaciers from Patagonia to Greenland.

Scope out these starry skies
City lights too bright? Let the camera help you see a little deeper into the starry skies with these incredible night-time images.

Shoot in the skies with this wingsuit photographer
Noah Bahnson isn't just one of the fastest wingsuit pilots in the world – he's also a talented airborne photographer. Check out his work by clicking the link below.

Get a view from above with these drone images
Here's another way to get eyes in the sky – with a camera-carrying drone. Get the eagle's-eye-view from these micro-whirlybirds.

Take a walk in these ice caves
Still feeling steamy? Here's another way to lower your temperature: cruise through these breathtaking ice caves.

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