Watch the best POV videos from August

Need to up your stoked factor? Hit play on our favourite videos from August.
Red Bull Air Force freeflying in Arizona. © Brian Nevins/Red Bull Content Pool
By Rick Rycroft

We can't all strap a GoPro to our heads and jump off a cliff – and to be honest, many of us wouldn't want to! However, it doesn't mean we can't enjoy a good bit of hair-raising, spine-tingling POV footage. Here's some of our favourite head-cam (and other-cam) videos from the last month.

Get epic with the Soul Flyers in Norway
The Soul Flyers know how to fly right – whether it's jumping off buildings or diving by night.

Sit back and soar over Alaska
This video may be less 'holy crap!' than the other clips shown here, but trust us: when you're done watching you will want to go to Alaska. Immediately. Need some more thrills? Check out where Gavin and Will Gadd went in Canada...

Go Miles Above with Miles Daisher
Miles Daisher is a sky-diving pro and an unstoppable force of energy. Meet him below. And buckle your seatbelt. Maybe, one day if you're lucky, you'll get a BASE jump lesson like this one.

Fly through a plane wreck
We've seen some interesting underwater achievements (swimming under ice, anyone?) but this free-dive through a plane wreck is weird, cool, and wonderful.

Go mega in Monterrey
The Red Bull Air Force goes at it again in the hidden BASE-jumping mecca of Monterrey, Mexico.

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