The fastest way down the world’s biggest hill

In this week’s Epic Series video, Valery Rozov finds a quick way to descend Mount Everest.
By Evan David

When Valery Rozov took a flying leap from the top of the world, he leapt into the record books with the highest-altitude BASE jump ever recorded at 7,220m, landing on the Rongbuk glacier at 5,950m.

The flight – in which Rozov wore a specially designed suit to accomodate the thin air – was supported by an ascent team, and took place in temperatures 18 degrees below zero. After the exit, Rozov flew for nearly a minute, reaching 200kph before throwing his chute and coming down for a landing.

Valery Rozov, pictured among prayer flags
Rozov before the jump © Denis Klero/Red Bull Content Pool

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Valery Rozov
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