Miles Above Episode 2: Mission Over New York City

The Red Bull Air Force plan and execute the ultimate urban jump -- a wingsuit flight over Manhattan.
© Andy Farrington/Red Bull Content Pool
By Richard S. Chang

"The mission here is flying down the Hudson River. The skyline of Manhattan. The idea has been around for a long time in our minds," says Jon DeVore, member of the Red Bull Air Force, in the latest episode of Miles Above, the video series on the elite skydiving team. The latest segment is devoted to the team's exploits over Manhattan early this year.

The wingsuit flight made headlines and morning shows in May when five members of the Red Bull Air Force jumped out of a plane above the Hudson River, becoming the first skydivers to do so. The wingsuit flight was extra special because three of the members on the flight -- Jeff Provenzano, Amy Chmelecki and Sean MacCormac -- grew up in New York City.

"Jeff has been talking about this one forever. He grew up in New York. Amy, too, and Sean MacCormac," explains Miles Daisher in the episode. "All three of those guys grew up in New York. They've been dreaming about flying into their hometown."

Watch how the Red Bull Air Force plan and prepare and ultimately jump over the Manhattan skyline in the above video. Also, the episode reveals more about the three skydivers, as well as what it's like to fly in a wingsuit.

"The thing about wingsuits that makes them dangerous," says Daisher, "is everything. Your hands are tied to your feet. Your feet are tied together." He adds, "You're going about 120 mph forward and 50 mph downward."

"It's about Superman stuff," says Provenzano. "You are flying forward."

Next episode of Miles Above appears Tuesday, September 16, 2014. You can find the entire video series here.


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