Red Bull Dolomitenmann: Battle in the mountains

Team Adidas Outdoor wins the 2014 Dolomitenmann – the original multi-sport adventure race.
By Michael Schwarz

The 27th edition of the Red Bull Dolomitenmann combined everything a fan of extreme sports could ask for – perfect weather conditions, athletic all-time highs and a worthy winning team. Team Adidas Outdoor grabbed a victory at 4:07:57 hours. Hannes Augner of Team Kolland Topsport International crossed the finish line only 1’17’’ later and Team Red Bull completed the winning trio, 2’03’’ behind.

Lukas Buchli, the fastest mountain biker © Martin Lugger / Red Bull Content Pool

Founding father of the Dolomitenmann, Werner Grissmann, activated the starter’s gun at 10.00 a.m. sharp. 120 mountain runners took off from the main square in the city of Lienz to storm towards the peak. Eritrean Petro Mamu was leading the field all the way to the top, while Lorenz Peer (Team Kleine Zeitung Panaceo) was the first paragliding pilot to land by the Leisach river.

In view of the peak: Andreas Goldberger © Philip Platzer / Red Bull Content Pool

Lukas Buchli (Team Adidas Outdoor) was the dominating mountainbiker and fetched almost three extra minutes advance time for his team, which helped his kayaking colleague Stephan Brodicky, who arrived at the finish line at the end of his rope, but victorious. After a tough battle in the kayak, Brodicky was beside himself with joy:

We were already quite sure of ourselves before the race started but it is just incredible that it really went that well. It was really tough for me at the end, which just makes the joy even bigger.

Red Bull athlete, paraglider Paul Guschlbauer, was on the third-place Red Bull team. “It was a great event,” he said. “I don't know how them managed to get good weather, but they always do!”

Paul Guschlbauer took first in paragliding © Martin Lugger / Red Bull Content Pool

Paul finished first in the paragliding portion, helping lead team Red Bull to third place, overall. “It's about not making mistakes,” he explained. “My run could have been a little faster, but my flight was perfect.”

Crossing the finish line! © Martin Lugger / Red Bull Content Pool

All in all, the event was a major success. For complete results, check out the link here  – or see the top five teams and their finishing times below.

A summary of the top 5:
•1. Team Adidas Outdoor 04:07:57 hours
•2. Team Kolland Topsport 04:09:14 hours
•3. Team Red Bull 04:10:00 hours
•4. Team Kleine Zeitung Panaceo 04:12:11 hours
•5. Team Kolland Topsport Professional 04:12:51 hours

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