Adventure Vehicles You Won’t Believe Exist

Want to go further, faster or higher than ever before? These futuristic vehicles can take you there.
The KiraVan rolls over obstacles for 3,200 km. © Applied Minds
By Tyler Kurbat

Sure, you can hike there, or you can bike there — but sometimes a little fuel-powered fun isn't bad — and often, it can take you further than your own two feet will go. We’re tracking down a handful of the most impressive vehicles that open up a brand new chapter of unexplored lands and untapped adventures. If there’s a will, there’s a wheel...or a wing.

1. Burning Bright and Flying High

Vehicle: Solar Impulse
Arena: Air
Stoked On: Endurance, Sustainability

Cross continental flight without consumption. That’s the goal for Bertrand Piccard, anyhow. He’s pioneered a solar powered plane that’s about to embark on a non-stop, worldwide flight, relying on the sun, alone. The big flight is planned for 2015 — if you want to follow along as they chase the sun, take a look at the website here!

Flying on the power of the sun © Solar Impulse

2. Two Wheels? Why Not Three?

Vehicle: Outrider Electric Trike
Arena: Land
Stoked On: Diversity of Users

This thing ain’t your grandpa’s typical recumbent bike. The Outrider Electric Trike takes the bread and butter pedalling experience, straps it to three wheels and adds a brushless DC motor. Cue electric excursion. The Outrider Electric Trike was designed to empower an all terrain experience that was adaptable for adventurists with disabilities and typical athletes, alike.

Three wheels are better than two. © Outrider

3. Home Is Where You Park It

Vehicle: KiraVan
Arena: Land
Stoked On: Coffee, Convenience, Origin

Arguably best summed up as a penthouse on a multimillion dollar, all terrain vehicle, the KiraVan is the hyperbole of adventure technology. Boasting kevlar tires, an incredible 2,000 mile range, diesel engine, espresso machine and beyond, there’s virtually nobody we can think of who couldn’t “rough it” in this behemoth.

And all this design so a father could take his little girl camping...


The KiraVan. Comes with motorcycle. © Applied Minds

4. Reaching New Heights

Vehicle: SkyRunner
Arena: Land and Air
Stoked On: Hangtime

Personal flight has never looked so good. The skyrunner is virtually an off road dune buggy with the power to soar. Capable of speeds up to 55mph and heights of 10,000 feet, this beast is sure to redefine the outdoor experience. The ultralight frame, intuitive controls and aggressive suspension allow the SkyRunner to pin it around the corner and grip it and rip it through the stratosphere. Want to know more about the SkyRunner? Check it out here.


5. Trail Ready, Street Legal

Vehicle: Motoped Survival Bike
Arena: Mountains
Stoked On: Responsive Design, Rugged Durability

Picture a Redbull Rampage-ready downhill frame with a street legal engine. The Motoped fleet has adventure woven throughout all of its designs but the Survival Bike truly twists the arm. Plenty of room for cargo and an estimated 120mpg make this a worthy candidate for any stay in the great outdoors. Want one? All you got to do is buy the frame – then install your own motor.


6. $1.2 Million Submarine Suit

Vehicle: Exosuit
Arena: Deep!
Stoked On: Breathing oxygen, not being crushed by water pressure

Weighing 250kg, and built to take a human being down to 330m, the Exosuit is half Ironman, half Stay Puft marshmallow man. Were the item available for purchase, it'd cost a cool $1.2 million. What would you do with it? Science, of course.

7. The Future Means Flying

Vehicle: Martin Jetpack
Arena: Air
Stoked On: It’s a Freaking Jetpack

Combining personal flight and a parachute landing, the Martin Jetpack is a brilliant marriage of exploration possibilities and sport. No more lugging all the gear to the jump site. No more rigorous treks through the unforgiving forest floor. Fly straight to the action.

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