The Faces of Dav Official Trailer

Get to know extreme skier Chris Davenport, two-time World Extreme Skiing Champion.
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By Nate Hoppes

Chris Davenport, 43, is well known as one of the world's most accomplished big-mountain skiers, a two-time World Extreme Skiing Champion and a pioneer in ski mountaineering.

The eight episode video series titled Faces of Dav aims to reveal the several faces of Davenport: The Legend, The Father, The Mountaineer, The Adventurer, The Engineer, The Minimalist, The Guide, and The Explorer.

"This is the biggest film project I've done in years," Davenport says. "The eight episodes will all be unique and will dive into my mind and my world."

The series explores his personality and his legacy, discovering his life's balance between career and family as he travels the world doing what he loves to do while earning a living for his family. The series follows Dav at his home in Aspen, but also at locations around the world including Spitsbergen, Norway; Bella Coola, British Columbia; and Portillo, Chile.

Becoming a legend is more than building the reputation as one of the best skiers of all time. It’s a multifaceted process that requires a game face in every aspect of life. 

The first episode of Faces of Dav airs October 9, right here on Red and Red Bull TV.


Chris Davenport
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