Miles Above Episode 4: Adventure in the Swiss Alps

Red Bull Air Force member Mike Swanson leads a precision wingsuit formation flight.
By Richard S. Chang

Meet Mike Swanson, widely considered to be the most motivated member of the Red Bull Air Force, which, if you're familiar with the intensity of all the members, is really saying something.

"I love to learn from Swanson," said Air Force teammate Amy Chmelecki. "I hope one day soon to get him to really push me forward in my wingsuit flying. He really gets in my face. His style of coaching works for me, though."

In the fourth episode of Miles Above, the series on the life and times of the Red Bull Air Force, Mike leads a team of wingsuit flyers and a canopy skydiver in an XRW formation over the Lauterbrunnen Valley in Switzerland. It's a tricky maneuver that involves the perfect execution between wingsuit flyers jumping off a cliff face and a canopy flight from a helicopter.

"Lauterbrunnen Valley is just insane," says Swanson. "I try to go there as often as possible. For training, for me, there really is no other spot that compares with it."

Watch the above video to see the team work through the intricacies of the XRW formation before executing a perfect maneuver. "It is exhilirating, exciting, scary and awesome — all at the same time," said wingsuit pilot Jhonny Florez.

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