Watch a kayaker falling from 40m!

‘Big Banana’ isn’t your average waterfall. Watch Rafa Ortiz’s wild descent south of the border.
By Josh Sampiero

If adventure is about walking the fine line between risk and reward, Rafa Ortiz has excellent footwork. Dropping into Big Banana Falls is not something to be taken lightly: “It's a bit like flipping a coin – the water's pretty turbulent and treacherous,” says Rafa. “There's the possibility that you hit a rock or you come out unscathed as if nothing ever happened.”

Fortunately for Rafa, the only thing that happened on this run was a small cut above his eye and a little bit of a longer swim than expected. So how high is Big Banana, anyways? 40m, but Rafa isn't counting. “The experience I get from the waterfalls aren't measured in feet or records,” says Rafa. “My life's goal is to die exhausted instead of bored!” Indeed...

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