#AdventureShot – deep diving, minus the SCUBA gear

This week’s incredible #adventureshot of freedivers in Sardinia will leave you gazing in awe.
Alessia Zecchini diving to 84 meters.
Alessia Zecchini diving to 84 meters. © Daan Verhoeven
By Tarquin Cooper

This is Alessia Zecchini as she dives to an Italian record of 84m at the 2014 AIDA freediving world championship in Sardinia. But the stats aren't what make her performance special. The grace, the beauty, the sheer wonder – freediving is a sport that leaves you in awe.

For photographer Daan Verhoeven, it also leaves you pretty exhausted. For every shot, he would dive down to 15m, stay there for 30 seconds and grab a shot of the descending diver before surfacing, catching his breath and diving down to get them on the way up. 

“By the end of the day, I'd made 62 dives,” he tells us.

For just this shot alone, it was worth it.

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