#AdventureShot – You know you want to ski here

Skier Ben Shook and photographer Gabe Rogel take us to where the snow meets the sea.
Red Bull Illume 2013 Top-250 Gabe Rogel
South pole skiing © Gabe Rogel/Red Bull Illume
By Matt Rycroft

When you hear 'skiing', you probably think of Colorado, or the Alps – but those in the know can tell you that there are incredible lines waiting to be drawn deep beyond the Arctic Ocean.

In our #AdventureShot of the week, skier Ben Shook carves a turn while descending towards the ocean. How far to the water below him? We don't know – but we can guess at those temperatures, he doesn't want to get wet.

This is our #AdventureShot of the week. For more #AdventureShots, check out the links below!

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