Watch this crazy, cold, windy highline at 3,800m

High wind, high line, low temps. The perfect recipe for one of the best slackline stunts yet.
By Evan David

Grossglockner – the highest mountain in Austria – has a rarely mentioned little brother: Klein Grossglockner. The two peaks are connected by a knife-edge snow saddle (and the entrance to Pallavicini Coulouir.) That gap was the perfect place for athlete Mich Kemeter's latest stunt: a cold-weather, high-wind, high-risk, cold-temp stroll across a slack line.

Mich Kemeter on the Grossglockner highline
Mich gets ready to go © Lukas Auer

The 45m line sat at an impressive 3,770m of altitude, where unseasonably cold temps and plenty of moisture means one thing: snow. “In four days on the mountain,” says Kemeter, “we got about 2.5 hours of sunlight – and we had to knock the ice off the slackline every single morning!” 

Mich Kemeter on the Grossglockner highline
Look closely – Mich is scraping ice off the line © Lukas Auer

Fortunately, they were staying close by, at Erzherzog-Johann Hüette. It's Austria's highest hut, and workplace of mountain guide Peter Templer, who Mich says “made the entire project possible.”

Mich Kemeter on the Grossglockner highline
You have to warm up the feet! © Lukas Auer

Despite the cold temps (did we mention Kemeter's stated preference for bare feet?), getting the chills wasn't the problem – it was the wind blowing him and his slackline all over the place. “It was really blowing,” say Kemeter. “It was the most wind I could possibly move in.”

So what does Kemeter have up his sleeve next? Here's a better question: What's in his backpack? Pay attention, you might find out.

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