Help pick Jokke Sommer’s next big BASE jump

Now you can join a BASE jump without ever leaving the ground – with Jokke Sommer’s #JokkeJump.
By Evan David

Before Jokke Sommer leaps off the edge of a cliff, or plummets down the side of a skyscraper, there's a lot of things to think about: altitude, weather, drop-times... and, oh yeah, where to jump.

Here's your chance to help with the last one without worrying about the first one. For his new #JokkeJump project, the Norwegian BASE jumper and wingsuit pilot is taking suggestions from you.  That's right – you can nominate any place in the world for Jokke Sommer to do a wingsuit-BASE jump. So get out the topo maps, fire up Google Earth – and start doing your research. And if your spot is picked, you'll be on the spot to send Jokke off. Need a little inspiration? Check the trailer above – or go direct to the submission page.

Know the perfect spot for Jokke's next big jump? Tell Jokke here.

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