#AdventureShot – a wild ride down a glacial river

Call it riverboarding or hydrospeeding – when it’s this cold, it’s definitely crazy. #AdventureShot
Two athletes sliding down a small glacier river.
Hydrospeed adventure © D.CARLIER/davidcarlierphotography.com
By Tarquin Cooper

The origins of riverboards (known as hydrospeeds in Europe) are as murky as the water of the rivers they are running. But one thing is for sure: there's few crazier ways to run a river. Of course, it takes a certain kind of crazy to find this sport appealing – just ask the guy who riverboarded 2,000km.

Above, photographer David Carlier and friends decide to take riverboarding to rarely-touched water – a free-flowing river (or moulin) in the 14km-long Aletsch Glacier. It's the biggest glacier in Europe, and yes, that water is cold – all year long.

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