Your craziest #JokkeJump spot suggestions

The #JokkeJump contest already has quite a few submissions – have you got yours in yet?
By Josh Sampiero

The idea behind the #JokkeJump is simple – you suggest amazing new places to BASE jump, Jokke Sommer picks a few of his favourites, and you vote to pick the winner. Easy!

There's been plenty of submissions so far – enough, in fact, that Jokke's already starting to do some research Here's 12 spots he's got his eyes on. Get your idea in soon if you think you've got a better suggestion!

The south face of Annapurna I, one of six major peaks of the Annapurna Massif in Nepal.
The Annapurna Massif in Nepal © LightRocket via Getty Images

Location: Nepal
Type: Earth
It's not Everest, but it's close. One of the 14 highest mountains in the world, it sits in the middle of the Himalaya, far removed from cities, people, and safety. There's no question that a BASE jump here would be a big risk – even it wasn't right from the peak.

The impressive landscape of the Torres del Paine national park in Chile, a suggested site for the JokkeJump BASE Jumping project
The Parque Nacional Torres del Paine © Getty Images/Moment Open

Torres Del Paine
Location: Chile
Type: Earth
The Parque Nacional Torres del Paine is home to such fine mountain monuments such as Cleopatra's Needles. Can Jokke thread the needle and claim a nice line? It may be up to you.

Impressive view of the Machapuchare Fish Tail Mountain in Nepal, a suggest site for the JokkeJump BASE Jumping project of Jokke Sommer.
Fish Tail Mountain in Nepal © Getty Images/Flickr RF

Fish Tail
Location: Nepal
Type: Earth
Actually, this mountain's official name is Mt Machhapuchchhre but that's so hard to say, most have taken to calling it by its colloquial name: Fishtail, thanks to the unique shape of its separate peaks. Can Jokke scale the Fish Tail and make it a 'flying fish'? Maybe we'll find out.

Snow covered Fitz Roy Mountain massif. Los Glacieres National Park. Santa Cruz Province, Argentina. This is a World Heritage site. The Andes Mountains.
Snow covers the Fitz Roy Mountain massif © Getty Images

The Fitz Roys
Location: Patagonia
Type: Earth
Remote, dangerous and inspiring (literally, there's lots and lots of spires), the Fitz Roy range has long attracted climbers from all over the world to scale its needle-like pinnacles. Frequent high winds and storms have kept BASE jumpers away – but maybe Jokke can find an exit to open.

Aerial view of the remains of Machu Picchu in Peru, a suggested site for a world-first BASE Jump by Jokke Sommer for his JokkeJumps project.
Remains of Machu Picchu © UIG via Getty Images

Machu Picchu
Location: Peru
Type: Earth
The ancient civilisation of the Incas sat high above Peru, and Machu Picchu was one of its masterpieces. There's debate over whether it was the last city of the Incas, or a 'vacation home' for the Incan emperor, but either way, it remains a popular destination for trekkers and adventurers today.

Impressive view of Mount Olympus in Greece.
Mount Olympus, Greece © Getty Images/Gallo Images

Mount Olympus
Location: Greece
Type: Earth
Supposedly the birthplace (and battle place?) of the Greek gods, Mt Olympus certainly has some historical significance. But can it give birth to a new BASE jump line? Jokke may be the man to find out.

Treeking on frozen Weasel River with Mt Thor (1650m) at left, Auyuittuq National Park, Baffin Island, Nunavut, Canada, North America.
It's a long way up to the peak of Mount Thor © Getty Images/Lonely Planet Images

Mount Thor
Location: Baffin Island, Canada
Type: Earth
Listen, we're as excited as you to know that a place called Mount Thor exists outside of a Marvel movie – but warning: you're going to need to take a ride on Thor's Hammer to get there. It's all the way up in Baffin Island, Canada. Mt Thor's claim to fame? The biggest truly vertical drop in the world. 0º for 1,250m. Gulp.

The Napali coast on Kauai island, Hawaii, a suggested site for the JokkeJump BASE Jumping project of Joachim Sommer.
Napali Coast, Kauai, Hawaii © Getty Images/Flickr RF

Napali Coast
Location: Kuaui, Hawaii, USA
Type: Earth
Hawaii is paradise – but is it BASE jumping paradise? On a remote section of Kauai, he cliffs of the Napali coast soar high above the Pacific. The hardest part may be the hike in.

The ever-changing weather conditions of the surrounding snowcapped mountains June 27, 2013 at Moraine Lake, Alberta, Canada.
Moraine Lake at the Rocky Mountains © Getty Images

Moraine Lake, Rocky Mountains
Location: Banff National Park, Canada
Type: Earth
Yes, the Rocky Mountains go all the way to Canada. Yes, this is one of the prettiest spots on the range. Yes, Jokke would like to jump here.

The Shanghai World Financial Center building, a suggested site for the JokkeJumps BASE Jumping project of Joachim Sommer.
Shanghai World Financial Center © Kevin Lee/Getty Images

Location: Mainland China
Type: Building
Shanghai is the most populous city in the world – there's 24 million people living there – and it's home to 126 skyscrapers over 150m in height. We're guessing Jokke could find a few places to keep him busy jumping for quite a while.

Impressive view of the Trango Towers in Pakistan, potential site for Joachim Sommer's JokkeJump BASE Jumping project
The Trango Towers © Getty Images/Flickr Open

Trango Towers
Location: Pakistan
Type: Earth
The Trango Towers – a group of tall granite spires in the Baltistan region of the Karakoram range – offer scenery, an other-worldly location, and most importantly, the world's biggest nearly vertical drop. It's 1,340m from the summit – which itself sits at 6,286m. Not a bad place to BASE.

Got a spot we haven't seen yet? Send it in to #JokkeJump!

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