Watch the Teaser for Steve Fisher's Kayak Mini-Doc

Get ready for the world-renown kayaker's newest adventure over Hanging Spear Falls in New York.
By Kevin McAvoy

Hidden amongst the 6.1 million acres of the Adirondack State Park and along the headwaters of the Hudson River lie two of the highest peaks in New York State. Only accessible by hiking through beautiful Avalanche Pass, the Opalescent Gorge between them holds one of the steepest runnable sections of whitewater in the state, including the 65-foot-high “Hanging Spear” Falls.

Hanging Spear - Headwaters of the Hudson River” chronicles the exciting adventure undertaken by professional kayaker Steve Fisher [watch the teaser in the video player above]. A true adrenaline seeker who has taken on some of the wildest rapids in the world, Fisher brings his non-stop paddling skills to the backyard of one of the most famous cities on Earth and shows those city-dwellers the journey that waits just upstream.

Join world-class whitewater kayakers Fisher and Pat Keller as they explore the Hanging Spear Gorge of the Opalescent River, the highest source of the Hudson, and the deepest part of New York State’s High Peaks wilderness. Dropping at over 950 feet per mile, the Opalescent is arguably the state’s steepest mile of whitewater.

Look for the full mini-doc on Wednesday, October 29, along with photos from the expedition, at

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