#AdventureShot – One crazy place to kayak

This isn’t where you typically see a kayaker – which is precisely what makes it awesome.
Not an easy spot to score a run © Anze Osterman
By Josh Sampiero

Sometimes it's not about finding the biggest waterfall to drop – but finding the most unique setting in which you can ride. Rok Rozman and Zan Kuncic drop their boats into a century-old channel in Javornik, Slovenia.

“The channel is about 350 metres long and has about 80 metres of descent,” says photographer Anze Osterman. “It was built in 1989 to direct water to a small artificial lake, then down to the valley where there is a huge power plant.” Just pull out before the turbines, boys!

This shot is part of our #AdventureShot series. See more below!


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