See how Red Bull Defiance went down in Wanaka

Watch riding, rowing, running come together at a high-speed multi-sport race in New Zealand.
By Josh Sampiero

Braden Currie didn't say the Red Bull Defiance adventure race would be easy. In fact, before the race he said it was "Balls-to-the-wall-effort. Taking the track-running mentality to the adventure racing course!"

Apparently, being prepared is half the battle though, becase Currie and team-mate Dougal Allen put in an impressive performance this past weekend to win the inaugural event in Wanaka, New Zealand.  As you can see from the video above, it was no doubt an adventure.

Red Bull Defiance adventure race winner Braden Currie running in the mountains above host town Wanaka, New Zealand, during the running stage of the race
Running IN the hills... © Graeme Murray / Red Bull Content Pool

As promised, the course covered 153km of hard, hilly terrain, and open water. Racing the entire time as a team (no switching off), 80 competitors took off from the start-line to test their mettle over seven different stages, and four different sports – including target shooting. With the course clearly marked, it was all about power, speed and endurance, and having the mental fortitude to push all three of those to the limit.

A competitor rides during the MTB segment of the Red Bull Defiance adventure race in Wanaka, New Zealand
Riding dirty – really dirty © Miles Holden / Red Bull Content Pool

Finishing in just 13 hours, the Currie/Allen team bested the second-place finishers by a full hour, which the hometown heroes were more than pleased about. 

It's always pretty cool to win in front of my home crowd, Wanaka is an amazing place.

Competitors during the kayaking portion of the Red Bull Defiance adventure race in Wanaka, New Zealand
Paddling for the hills... © Miles Holden / Red Bull Content Pool

Behind the first place finishers were hotly contested battles in the Elite Mixed class, where male/female teams were racing together, including adventure racing legends Richard and Elina Ussher and husband and wife team Jackie and Mimi Boisset.

Check out more action clips and a full list of results on the Redbull Defiance website.

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