#AdventureShot – Just a little walk in the sand

To get across the Wadi Rum desert in Jordan, some people still go the old-fashioned way.
This is the old-school way to cross a desert © Ben Orken
By Josh Sampiero

The Wadi Rum desert in Jordan has been inhabited since prehistoric times – almost 10,000 years ago. These days, there's not a lot of people hanging out – and those that are can often be found travelling via camelback, as evidenced by the photo above.

Not just a sea of sand, the Wadi Rum is home to massive rock formations (and the famous archaelogical city known as Petra, where buildings are carved into the rock.) Of the rocks towers, photographer Ben Orken says “Having them literally surround you whilst you are all the way at the bottom on the sand makes you feel so minuscule!”

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