Last chance to enter #JokkeJump plus best so far

Have you submitted a location for #JokkeJump yet? Maybe some of these suggestions will inspire you.
The Napali coast on Kauai island, Hawaii, a suggested site for the JokkeJump BASE Jumping project of Joachim Sommer.
Napali Coast, Kauai, Hawaii © Getty Images/Flickr RF
By Josh Sampiero

Whoa – apparently, there's a lot of great places in the world to skydive.

How do we know? You told us. Below are some of the best Instagram and Twitter submissions for the #JokkeJump contest – where you get to help pick wingsuit pilot Jokke Sommer's next epic flight. And if your suggestion is the one that gets nominated – you might find yourself standing on the take-off next to Jokke.

Check out the spots – and if you haven't already, submit your own!

The High Mountain Path in China
These iconic paths let explorers and those seeking a higher knowledge access one of the world's highest teahouses. Leading us to....

Teeing off the Tea House
The teahouses themselves may offer another spot for an epic exit. Just a bit of tea, a little time to relax, then it's 3, 2, 1, takeoff!

The Great Arch in Getu Valley, China
This particular flight path would have Jokke aiming for a (thankfully large) hole in a cliff. Even though jet-fighter planes have done it – we're calling this one unlikely for now.

Torres del Paine, Chile
Tall, intimidating – and really hard to get to. A Torres del Paine wingsuit flight would impress experienced wingsuit pilots all around the world.

Riding over the Rocher Noi
This bridge in France offers stunning naturally wooded scenery. The perfect place for a jump? Maybe.

The top of Ticino
This famous spot in Switzerland is just begging to be jumped off of. Begging, we tell you.

This world-famous piece of rock is jutting out above Lake Ringedalsvatnet back in Jokke's home country of Norway. There's something to be said about home-field advantage!

From this crazy mountain
Mt Roraima rises above the mist above three different countries – Brazil, Venezuela, and Guyana. The biggest question: where do you want to land?!

Make sure you've submitted your favourite #JokkeJump locations at the event page here!

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