Speedriding: Red Bull Peaks Trilogy’s Final Flight

For his final challenge of Red Bull Peaks Trilogy, Aaron Durogati hit the North face of Breithorn.
By Red Bull Italy

For your first ascent above 4,000m, the Breithorn, on the border of Switzerland and Itay, is a common recommendation – an ideal mountain for a beginner's first alpine adventure. But rarely would it be recommended for them to try the route Aaron Durogati tackled: the challenging North face, as seen in the incredible video above.

Upon completing the ascent, Durogati ditched the climbing gear and launched his speedriding kit – alpine skis and a canopy – for the final flight of the Red Bull Peaks Trilogy project, sailing and soaring over crevasses and cliffs, touching down on virgin snow, and basically, just having a blast. Enjoy!

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