What does a speedride-ski-drop-skydive look like?

It looks like this! Miles Daisher ditches his skis mid-air for an epic low-altitude skydive.
By Evan David

Episode nine of the Miles Above series (which you watch in full here) is chock-full of incredible sky-diving and speed-riding action in Europe and the United States, but there's no question: our favorite bit of action comes in the bonus footage from Miles Daisher, seen above.

What exactly happens? We'll give you a hint: there's skiing, there's flying, and we highly suggest you don't try this at home. Haven't clicked play yet? We also suggest you do that first – spoilers below.

In case you're not sure what you're seeing, we'll clarify for you. Daisher speed-rides off a cliff, then chucks his skis for a brief paraglide ride, taking him further out from the mountain (and gaining some all-important altitude.) Once he's got enough air under his feet, he jettisons the paraglider for a short free-fall before tossing his BASE rig, and floating down to the snowy slopes below.

While he and his colleagues were probably aware of his unique flight plan, we're guessing there may have been a few slightly concerned individuals watching from the ski resort below – the fact that the ski lift was moving didn't slip by us! As to what they were thinking, Daisher has a response ready to go: “People ask me if I'm crazy. I say, if you're not doing what you love, I think you're crazy!”

People ask me if I'm crazy. I say, if you're not doing what you love, I think you're crazy!

There probably isn't a single name for the stunt Daisher pulls off, so we're going to go with a 'Speed-ride-ski-drop-sky-dive'. Just one more way for Daisher to enjoy his favourite pastime, speed-riding. “It's so much fun and it's the way of the future,” he says. “You come to a cliff that's too big too jump off with skis and you just fly right off it. You get people in ski resorts looking at these lines and wondering 'How the heck did someone put tracks up there!?'”

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