The Unrideables: What is Speedriding?

Get an education on speedriding – the new sport that combines big mountain skiing and human flight.
By Scott Hart

"Speedriding is a relatively new sport, it's been around for about ten years," says Andy Farrington, star of the upcoming film The Unrideables: Alaska Range, "It's a mixture between skiing and high-performance paragliding or skydiving."

Interestingly, the burgeoning sport has been internationally cross-pollenated. "The Europeans were much more influenced by skiing," says Alaska native and human flight specialist John DeVore, "While the Americans [were influenced] much more from skydiving. Those are the facts that came together to make one sport that we're all doing now."

Speedriding’s hybrid approach makes ski lines once thought unrideable to now be possible. Along with a group of elite athletes, DeVore has set out to evolve the way we approach playing on a mountain’s features in the upcoming film The Unrideables: Alaska Range.

"I think what we're doing here is the first step of educating the world on our little world [of speedriding]," said DeVore. "The idea of a true adventure – I think it's going to really open everybody's eyes, because nobody knows about it."

Learn more at the official film page for The Unrideables: Alaska Range.


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