Your favourite spot for #JokkeJump revealed!

Get ready for a long ride – we’re going all the way to Chile for Jokke to fly the Torres del Paine.
By Josh Sampiero

OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Chicago is out, and Chile is in for #JokkeJump

It took a one-month submission period, which gathered over 600 submissions from around the world, and two-week public voting process, with seven finalist locations selected by Jokke Sommer himself. Finally, skydive fans the world over have nominated a location for Jokke's next wingsuit flight. After Chicago held a firm lead for most of the voting, at the last minute, the Torres del Paine in Chile surged ahead to claim the top spot!

A towering challenge © DeAgostini/Getty Images

It won't be easy. It won't be quick. It's definitely not in the backyard.

But it's going to be totally worth it. Jokke's going south – deep south, to Torres del Paine National Park, in Chile. The centerpiece of the park are 'torres' (towers) themselves, standing at 2,884m in the Cordillera del Paine. While the area has been flown before – notably by fellow Red Bull wingsuit pilot Valery Rozov – it's rarely seen from the air.

I'm stupidly excited about flying this line. It has amazing potential!

The challenge: bad weather
So what do we know about the location? It's high, it's remote, and it's got bad weather. In fact, the weather is going to be the biggest problem. "It could be windy, it could be stormy, there could be lots of rain," says Jokke. "We want a clear day – not just because it looks good, but for a safe, fun flight." While a little bit of rain is run of the mill for most adventurers, with the consequences as high as they are with freeflight, it's best to have everything in line.

What makes the location awesome? Well, since it's nearly in the middle of nowhere, permitting aspects (like you would need for a building jump in downtown Chicago) should be much easier to negotiate. And then there's the view...

Don't jump, Jokke!
Jokke's just joking around, he swears

The plan: aerial acrobatics
While Jokke and the team have yet to decide between a BASE or heli jump, he's hoping for some incredible opportunities for freeflying maneuvers in front of some of the big mountain walls. "The sunset is insane," says Jokke. "A free flight jump in front of the wall, with a big mountain in the background could look absolutely amazing!"

What else? Only an on-site examination of the flying site and conditions can really determine what the most beautiful line that day will be.

The Torres del Paine © Fotosearch/Getty Images

When's it going down?
The best weather window will likely occur towards the end of January and the beginning of February, when rain, clouds and winds die down down (at least a little bit.) Stay tuned to the Adventure Channel for more updates as plans come together – this is going to be one exciting #JokkeJump!


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