Miles Above: BASE Jumping onto Rock Towers, Ep. 10

Jump off cliffs, take a wingsuit flight and land atop a narrow, towering rock in the season finale.
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By Scott Hart

To cap off an amazing premiere season of 'Miles Above' – the series that follows the lives and stunts of the Red Bull Air Force team members – Miles Daisher travels to the epic land of towering rocks in the sky: Moab, Utah.

"We're going to jump off as many places, and as many parts of these towers as possible," said "Sketchy" Andy Lewis. "It's just [pauses], there are just a few steps to get there – and they're a little bit dangerous."

One of my goals in life is to see what kind of air we can explore out in front of these rocks

"Not easy to get to," said Miles Daisher of the physical demands of the vertical climb necessary to get to the summit of the 800-foot towering rock spires, "You gotta earn it."

See Lewis and Daisher, along with fellow BASE jumper JT Holmes, as they adventure to ascend, and then jump from Moab's most iconic sandstone towers – such as Fisher Towers' Titan – using various forms of human flight antics including, but not limited to:

  • BASE jumping off a cliff
  • BASE jumping off a cliff, complete with a backflipping gainer entrance into freefall, and a 120 m.p.h. wingsuit flight [Click the video below to ride along with Daisher]
  • BASE jumping off a cliff, and a highly precise landing atop a 600-foot towering rock spire


"The beautiful thing about Moab is that the rocks grow straight up into the sky," Daisher said. "One of my goals in life is to see what kind of air we can explore out in front of these rocks."

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