Best POV Shots of 2014 in One Gripping Supercut

BASE jump off the Eiger, freedive into a plane wreck, kayak a waterfall, and more in this video.
By Evan David

A daring skydive from 10,000 meters (33,000 feet)? A chilling freedive inside an age-old plane wreck? A kayak plunge off a steep waterfall in Mexico? These are are only a few of the best POV adventure videos from 2014.

In the awesome supercut above you'll get to feel what it's like to leap off of the Eiger in Switzerland; skydive out of a plane in a kayak; walk a freezing highline on Austria's highest mountain; freedive a plane wreck off the coast of England; and be part of the Michoacan 'First Descent' kayak expedition in Mexico. Check it out now.

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