Amazing BASE Jump Off Cliff to Rock Tower Landing

Watch a technical cliff BASE jump that lands on a narrow 600-foot tall rock tower.
By Scott Hart

"There's nothing easy about Fisher Towers," Miles Daisher said in the video above.

While filming for "Miles Above" – the video series documenting the lives and adventures of the Red Bull Air Force – Daisher hooked up with BASE jumper "Sketchy" Andy Lewis to attempt a technical flight, with an even more challenging landing.

It's kinda tricky to try and top-land a tower . . . If you miss – and you fall off – you're probably gonna die.

"It's kinda tricky to try and top-land a tower," Daisher said. "If you land on it, you might have to run it off the other side. Or, if you hit the side and your canopy collapses – [it could] slam you back into the wall. If you miss – and you fall off – you're probably gonna die."

To pull off the nearly incomprehensible stunt, Daisher and Lewis spent several days in picturesque Moab, Utah.

To see the duo perform amazing BASE jumps off cliffs, as well as precision canopy flying that weaves around natural rock pillars, and a wild wingsuit flight that will leave you astounded, check out the complete 18-minute "Miles Above" episode 10 in the Related Story above.

"It truly is a beautiful thing," Daisher said, "And it was a display of absolute mastery."

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