16 Winter Photos to Turn You into Ice

Winter is upon us. Get your frozen-weather inspiration right here.
By Marc Schwarz

Winter may be a bit late coming this year for some areas, so we thought we'd share a few of our favourite snow-inspired images. From ice climbing in some unexpected places to camping in the snow, here's a few ways to have some winter fun!

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Climbing (man-made) ice
Climbing the Harbin ice.
Climbing (man-made) ice The Harbin Ice Festival sees incredible man-made constructions out of ice – statues, sculptures, even buildings. And if it goes up, why not climb it? © Franz Walter
Rocking the ice
Stephanie Maureau bouldering on the ice.
Rocking the ice Stephanie Maureau on an ice-bouldering route under the Mer de Glace, the glacier on the Mt Blanc Massif. © Lukasz Warzecha
Above the clouds
Andrzej Bargiel hiking up the Kasprowy Wierch.
Above the clouds Andrzej Bargiel approaches the top of "Kasprowy Wierch", high above the clouds in Tatry. The ski down is certain to be much faster than the climb up. © Marcin Kin
Hanging out
Gordon McArthur climbing over rocks and ice at the Bull River Canyon in Canada.
Hanging out Overhanging and overheating. Gordon McArthur, during a challenging mixed route in Bull River Canyon, BC, Canada. © Lukasz Warzecha
Edging on ice
Andrzej Bargiel skiing on a iceberg in Tibet.
Edging on ice Wanna see how sharp the edges on your skis are? Andrzej Bargiel has a (not so?) fun way to find out – hanging out on the side of a small hill of rock-hard ice in the Himalayas. Dangerous? Less dangerous than other places he's probably done this. © Marcin Kin
Lighting the ice
Light shining through ice.
Lighting the ice Ice and light combine to create an incredible, surreal image. © Getty Images/Flickr RF
Crystal clear
The sun shining through ice at the Lake Baikal.
Crystal clear The sun shining through ice at the Lake Baikal. The lake – one of the consistently coldest in the world – is nearly entirely devoid of plant or animal life, meaning it produces crystal clear ice as seen above. © Getty Images
Waterfall of the Gods
Cold water flowing down the Godafoss waterfall in Iceland.
Waterfall of the Gods The Godafoss – one of the most famous waterfalls in Iceland – in mid-winter. It's name literally means 'waterfall of the gods', and it's over 12m high and 30m wide. © Getty Images
Cold caving
Male ice climber exploring the ice cave.
Cold caving An ice climber explorers a very cold – and possibly old – cave, likely inside a glacier. © Getty Images
Blue hole
Icicles hanging down but you can still see the sky.
Blue hole This is somewhere you don't want to fall down – unless you've got a pair of ice axes and crampons to climb out with. © Getty Images/Flickr Open
Biking the blue wall
Biking behind blue frozen waterfall
Biking the blue wall Haven't heard of 'fat bikes'? They're the easiest way to go biking where one normally would ride there skis. Where is this frozen waterfall? It's a secret. © Getty Images
Camping in the cold
The sun is rising over the camp in Nepal.
Camping in the cold Camp 1 in Manaslu, Nepal, in October, 2014. 5,800m of altitude. Some places in the world aren't lacking for snow – ever. © Marcin Kin
Cracking the climb
Pawel Karczmarczyk ice climbing high above in Rjukan.
Cracking the climb Pawel Karczmarczyk in Rjukan. Ice climbing is about knowing how to use your tools. A solid swing of his ice axe sends cracks spider-webbing out into the ice block. © Marcin Kin
Himalaya sunset
Sunset over the Himalaya
Himalaya sunset Sunsets aren't all about the beach. The day draws to a close in Tibet. Get a good night's rest, for tomorrow brings more adventure! © Marcin Kin

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