Mission Explained: 'The Unrideables: Alaska Range'

The mission behind exploring Alaska's previously thought "unrideable" lines by way of speedriding.
By Scott Hart

"I came up with the plan a very long time ago," Jon DeVore said of the motivation behind "The Unrideables: Alaska Range" film project. 

After taking a heli-ski trip back to his hometown of Juneau, the Alaska native took a couple of "simple" skydives out of a helicopter, landing on a large glacier. That's when two dreams merged for DeVore, the human flight expert and skiing enthusiast.

"I knew I needed to come back," DeVore admitted, "and take all this knowledge from my sport [of skydiving] that I had learned and play in that arena [of skiing]."

It's time to take [speedriding] to the biggest terrain in the world

Watch the video below to learn more about the inspiration that led to the development of the new sport of speedriding.

Only a decade old, speedriding is a new, high-speed sport that mixes elements of skiing and flight. The result is a far more capable adventure than on skis alone – carving turns on a huge ski line, while taking to the air to navigate unpassable features like massive cliffs, icefalls, major crevasses and other glacial features before returning to the snow to complete a previously unrideable mountain range.

Why Alaska? It's the obvious: It has some of the biggest mountains in the world

"Why Alaska? It's the obvious: It has some of the biggest mountains in the world, and more options than anywhere when it comes to just a vast area of endless mountains," DeVore said. "Big mountain skiing [and] high-speed parachute flying have come to this place where all these athletes are mingling and sharing ideas, so it's time to take [speedflying] to the biggest terrain in the world."

See the world premiere of the documentary film "The Unrideables: Alaska Range" on Wednesday, Jan. 21, at The Depot in Salt Lake City, and on the big screen in Denver the following week.

For your chance to view a prescreening of the full feature before it is available for sale in February 2015, check out "The Unrideables: Alaska Range" official film page for more videos and info.


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