Miles Above Series: Best Moments of 2014

Look back at the highlights from season one of the Red Bull Air Force's exciting web series.
By Scott Hart

Click the video above to see some of the best moments from “Miles Above" – the web series featuring BASE jumper Miles Daisher and other members of the Red Bull Air Force, a team assembled from the most accomplished and experienced skydivers, BASE jumpers, wingsuit fliers and paraglider pilots on the planet.

The general public think we're just jumping out of a plane going 'woo-hoo,' but we're taking it to a professional level

"This is Red Bull Air Force. We cover every non-motorized air sport," said John DeVore of the elite aerial squad. With gold medals in virtually every discipline and numerous world records to their credit, the team members combine for over 100,000 skydives and 6,000 BASE jumps.

"We're going around the world, doing competitons and organized events," said team member Mike Swanson, who made the highlight reel with a unique combination of high-speed canopy flying and wingsuit flight. Make any sense? Check out the video to see for yourself just how precise these athletes perform these incredible stunts.

Highlights of season one include some of the most calculated and awe-inspiring moments from the 10-episode series, including a wingsuit jump over downtown New York, speedriding through Europe and BASE jumping off the Fisher Towers in Moab, Utah.

"The general public think we're just jumping out of a plane going 'woo-hoo,'" Andy Farrington said, "But we're taking it to a professional level."

Want to check out the entire premiere season of the "Miles Above" series? Find all 10 episodes with amazing bonus videos here.


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