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The first full-length documentary about the new sport of speedriding is now available for purchase.
By Scott Hart

In the video above, human flight expert Jon DeVore shares the inspiration that led him into Alaska's backcountry. DeVore showcased the evolution of speedriding – big-mountain skiing with a high-performance paraglider wing to aid in flight.

"The Unrideables: Alaska Range" – the first full-length documentary to tell the stories of the first athletes to merge skiing and human flight with a blend of storyline and dramatic footage – is now available for purchase.

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Carving turns down the mountain, speedriders get airborne to navigate massive cliffs, icefalls, crevasses and other glacial features. Then, they return to the snow to complete a previously unskiable line.

"I have spent my whole life waiting for this moment," DeVore said, "an opportunity to pioneer and ski mountains that were previously thought ... unrideable."

You can pre-order at Red Bull and buy now on iTunes.

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