What It's Like to Kayak Over a Waterfall

Watch GoPro footage of Dane Jackson's kayak trip on the wild waters of Mexico.
Kayaker Dane Jackson on the Alseseca River in Mexico
Dane Jackson drops the Tomata 1 falls in Mexico © Alfredo Martinez/Red Bull Content Pool
By Evan David

Dane Jackson may be from Tennessee, but he knows a lot about rivers in Mexico and can kayak just about anywhere. He's spent the last couple of years dropping waterfalls with names like Tomata, Big Banana and Encanto on multiple trips south of the border, and as a result he's got the spot dialed. And he has loads of GoPro footage to prove it.

If you want to see how to launch your kayak off rocks, rappel down a rope into a river, or pick your line down some raging rapids, watch the video below to get a first-hand look at the action.

From riding on top of a truck to getting ready to huck, you can see Jackson has Mexico down — no small task in this whitewater paradise, which boasts countless drops and plenty of opportunities for a first descent. In fact, watch this five-part video series following Jackson and local paddler Rafa Ortiz as they explore rivers in Michoacán.

American kayaker Dane Jackson riding whitewater rapids and waterfalls in Mexico state Michoacan
Getting ready to go © John Rathwell/Red Bull Content Pool

Jackson takes us down rivers such as the Alseseca and Jalacingo as he shows off the required skills of a professional kayaker. And remember, when it comes to properly ending a succesful run, the last tip is as just important as any other: celebrate.

Want more from Jackson? See photos of him training on the Nile in Uganda.

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