Tremendous Toilets With Knockout Views

Dreaming of exotic travel? Make every aspect of your next trip idyllic with these premium poopers.
The Segantini Hut stands out on the Languard Alp, Switzerland
The Segantini Hut on the Languard Alp. © Hans Georg Eiben/Getty Images
By Alison Mann

There are two types of travelers (of course there are far more than two types, but for the purposes of this article, just humor us): the hoity-toities who lounge in five-star hotels and partake in fine dining while oblivious to local culture, and the adventure-seekers who prioritize experiencing everything their chosen destination has to offer over the latest in high-class amenities.

For the latter, why not take your travel experience to a whole new personal level and seek out the most remote, beautiful and downright weird commodes in which to handle your bio-business?

Remarkably, we've anticipated this need — before you even knew you needed it — and scoured the globe to find the list of lovely latrines below. Because it doesn’t matter where you are; when you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go …

1. Swiss stool (pictured at top)

Where: Segantini Hut, Switzerland
Scenic beauty (1-10, 10 being highest): 8
Remote factor (1-10, 10 being highest): 5

This hut decorated in the Swiss national colors sits before the Segantini Hut on the Muottas Muragl mountain in St. Moritz. The view is incredible, overlooking the Engadin lake plateau and the Bernina Massif. The hut is actually named after famous painter Giovanni Segantini, who greatly admired the landscape and died there — but not in the toilet.

2. South Pole pot

Where: South Pole
Scenic beauty: 8
Remote factor: 9

Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgård (pictured above) took time to catch up with some reading on the loo after reaching the South Pole. He arrived at the remote toilet as he took part in the Walking With the Wounded Challenge, in which he was representing the American Team Noom Coach. The tough trek took place to raise money for wounded soldiers.

A toilet and hot spring from geothermal power at Krafla volcano, Iceland
Powered by the earth in Iceland. © Dennis Fischer Photography / Getty Images

3. Iceland bog

Where: Krafla volcano, Iceland
Scenic beauty: 7
Remote factor: 6

This unique toilet and shower is powered from a geothermal hot spring at the Krafla volcano near Lake Myvatn, Iceland. It's pretty exposed (and by pretty, we mean completely), but visitors can enjoy the incredible Icelandic scenery, which has been carved by volcanic activity.

Loo with a view at Pioneer Hut on the Upper Fox Glacier, New Zealand
Loo with a view at Pioneer Hut, New Zealand. © Grant Dixon/Getty Images

4. A long drop in New Zealand

Where: Upper Fox Glacier, New Zealand
Scenic beauty: 9
Remote factor: 8

This extreme latrine sits just outside the Pioneer Hut on the Fox Glacier in Westland National Park and serves the skilled alpinists exploring the region, including those who are attempting to ascend Mount Tasman, New Zealand's second-highest peak. Mind the drop!

Extreme toilet at weather station Kara-Tyure in the Altai Mountains, Siberia
Extreme toilet at Kara-Tyurek, Siberia. © Siberian Times

5. Siberian throne

Where: Altai Mountains, Siberia
Scenic beauty: 7
Remote factor: 10

This precariously placed privy is one of the most extreme in the world. It is used by the brave souls working at the remote weather station at Kara-Tyurek in the Altai Mountains in Siberia. Not one for those suffering from vertigo, this loo is perched on a cliff 8,530 feet above sea level.

A remote outhouse in the Cascade Mountains in Washington state, USA
Outhouse in the Cascade Mountains, Washington. © Tim Gallivan/Getty Images

6. Exposed in the Cascade Mountains

Where: The Enchantments, Cascade Mountains, Washington
Scenic beauty: 9
Remote factor: 6

Privacy isn't really an option when using this rustic-looking toilet in the Cascades. It does offer great views of the alpine landscape, however. The loo is situated in the park, which is home to jagged peaks, waterfalls and forest valleys.

This bright outhouse sits in the Mojave Desert, California
Bright outhouse in the Mojave desert. © Peter Bohler/Getty Images

7. Desert drop zone

Where: Mojave National Preserve, California
Scenic beauty: 7
Remote factor: 6

A quaint, bright orange outhouse sitting in the dry Mojave Desert amongst Joshua trees could look like a mirage to those struggling along the road. The toilet is placed in the 2,400-square mile park and offers a slice of solitude amid the views of rolling sand dunes and vast plateaus.

A frozen outhouse in Oymyakon, Russia, the coldest city on earth
A frosty outhouse in Russia. © Amos Chapple

8. Tundra toilet

Where: Russia
Scenic beauty: 7
Remote factor: 9

Oymyakon, Russia, is the coldest town on earth! It's a pretty tough life for those living there, but it brings with it some spectacular views, if you can brave the cold. This outhouse is situated on the tundra just outside Oymyakon. Many toilets in this area are basic, as it's incredibly difficult to dig plumbing due to the constantly frozen ground.

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