Synchronized Skydiving in 45 Seconds of Freefall

Jokke Sommer and Petter Jönsson jump from 13,000 feet for a terminal velocity thrill ride.
Fly, fly, fly away
Head down, feet up © Alex Aiamard/Satori Factory
By Evan David

The more you do something, the more comfortable you become while doing it. So it follows that when you spend a lot of time skydiving, you'll dedicate less of your brain bandwidth to shrieking fear and more to testing out just what you can do with yourself during those blessed moments of freefall.

Jokke Sommer has more than a few jumps on his resume, and he's launched a "Freefly the World" tour to skydive in amazing places and hone his skills in the process. His first stop? Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland, with Petter Jönsson and Alex Aimard.

Watch incredible footage of their flights below:

Jumping out of a helicopter at over 13,000 feet of altitude, the team enjoyed 45 seconds of freefall before pulling their chutes to descend safely to the valley floor below. The sport they're practicing is known as "dynamic freeflying," in which the skydiver exerts extreme control over their body while it's moving at terminal velocity.

It was easy for Sommer to pick Lauterbrunnen as the first stop on his "Freefly the World" tour. "Lauterbrunnen is great because of the diverse mountain range – there are so many lines to fly, the weather is good and stable, and it’s stunningly gorgeous," he says. "Easy access BASE jumps, heli jumps — it’s a human flight mecca."

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