What the Red Bull Air Force Did Over the Weekend

RBAF skydivers flew into the Indy 500 and celebrated Jordan's independence with the crown prince.
Red Bull Air Force Skydiver Flies Into 2015 Indy 500
Red Bull Air Force jumps into the 2015 Indy 500 © Red Bull
By Kevin McAvoy

Like it or not, a great many of us live for the weekend, right? After a grueling workweek, it's time to let loose, go for broke and try to live up to the life we keep portraying on Instagram. That's awesome for us, but let's face it: Some people are just pros at living the weekend life. Among them are the pilots of the Red Bull Air Force, who fly the skies all over the world and give us all something to look up to. Literally.

So what were they up to last weekend? Well, Andy Farrington helped celebrate Memorial Day in one of the most American ways possible, by skydiving into the venerable Indianapolis 500.

Watch some awesome POV footage from the jump below:

Across the globe, Jon DeVore, Mike Swanson and Sean MacCormac were hanging out with the crown prince of Jordan before making a wingsuit jump into the country's independence day celebrations.

Pretty incredible, right? How does that measure up to your three-day weekend festivities? Fortunately, we get quite a few chances to make our weekends memorable (another one's just around the corner) so grab a few Red Bulls and meet the next one head-on!

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