The World's Weirdest Places to Spend the Night

Step up your overnight game with these bizarre hotel options, from a bird's nest to sewage pipes.
Hotel Costa Verde
Hotel Costa Verde © Costa Verde
By Phillippa Stewart

Instagram has not only changed the social media game, it's changed the game, period. You wouldn't want to post photos of yourself doing some mundane thing, so you're motivated to go out and find something awesome to do. And this extends to all aspects of your life — who wants to see a shot of you hanging in some boring, run-of-the-mill hotel room? Book an overnight in one of the unique venues below and you'll have loads of killer pics to share.

727 fuselage, Costa Rica (pictured at top)

This hotel is plane crazy. More specifically, it is the fuselage of a 1965 Boeing 727. In a previous life it flew for South Africa Air and Colombia's Avianca Airlines. These days it's part of the Hotel Costa Verde and features two air-conditioned bedrooms with en suites and a terrace with an ocean view. Childhood dreams for many, but the stuff of nightmares for those with aviophobia.


Hotel Kakslauttanen © Inhabitat

Hotel Kakslauttanen, Finland

Why freeze your ass off outside when you can watch the northern lights from the comfort of your own glass igloo? Hotel Kakslauttanen is based in Finland and the igloos are open over the aurora borealis season from around the third week of August to the end of April. Just remember though: If you can see out, others can see in ...


Airbnb floating house
Where do you park the car? © Mikael Buck/Airbnb via Time Out London

AirBnB floating house, London

It may be a stunt by AirBnb but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to stay in a house that is floating down the Thames. The company offered the chance for four people to live in this rather unusual pad from May 18-23, 2015. The house features two beds, one bathroom, a living room and a garden complete with wisteria.


The Bird’s Nest hotel
The Bird’s Nest © Tree Hotel

The Bird’s Nest, Sweden

The Bird’s Nest is the fledgling idea of architect Bertil Harström. Harström is the architect of the Tree Hotel, a network of luxury treehouses situated in northern Sweden. The Bird’s Nest itself includes a luxury guestroom that sleeps four, a retractable ladder and views over the Lule River Valley, so it’s no wonder it's a hit with grown-ups too.


Das Park Hotel
Das Park Hotel © Das Park Hotel/Dietmar Tollerian

Concrete sewage pipe, Germany

Feeling flush? Fancy a dirty weekend? These refurbished concrete drain pipes are known as “sleep pipes.” They’re part of Das Park Hotel, near Essen in northern Germany. The hotel operates a “pay as you wish” system, and customers are encouraged to pay what they think is fair. Upon making a reservation, guests are given a booking code that gives access to their own personal pipe.


No Man’s Fort, Solent
Sleep tight on the Solent © Amazing Venues

No Man’s Fort, Solent, UK

Amazing Venues sells their No Man’s Fort in the Solent as: “75,000 sq. ft. of fun.” This 19th-century sea fort is situated less than a mile from the Isle of Wight, positioned perfectly to see off incoming French troops. Now, you can do battle with the sea instead as you try your hand at kite boarding, Jet Skiing or sea kayaking. A “No Man’s Experience” costs about $535 per person for a two-night stay, with capacity limited to just 200 people. For that price, you get transport, food, welcome drinks, an historical tour and use of all the facilities, including rooftop hot pool, sauna and fire pit. Not bad!


Cliff Camping in Wales
Just don't get out of the wrong side of bed © Gaia Adventures

Cliff camping, Wales

It’s not for the fainthearted, but adrenalin junkies may want to spend a night “cliff camping.” Gaia Adventures offer the chance to hang above the sea on a vertical cliff face on the Welsh coastline. You will sleep on a portaledge up to 200 feet off the ground. Thankfully, you are attached to your bed, so fidgety sleepers can relax — or at least try to.


Tree tents, Germany
Canopy camping © Gizmag

Tree tents, Germany

These tree tents in Bavaria take hanging around to a whole new level. Hochseilgarten Hoellschlucht, the company that runs the experience, also offers guests the chance to stay in a hand-built igloo or a night suspended off a cliff face.


Aqua Dome hotel Austria
Feel better just looking at it © Architecture and Design

Aqua Dome, Austria

Aqua Dome is a wellness hotel in the Alps complete with spa, sauna, hot thermal springs and ski slopes on your doorsteps. Sign us up!


Idaho’s Dog Bark Park Inn
A tired man's best friend © Dog Bark Park Inn

“Sweet Willy,” Idaho

Willingly put yourself in the dog house at Idaho’s Dog Bark Park Inn, the brainchild of chainsaw artists Dennis Sullivan and Frances Conklin. “Sweet Willy,” as the 30-foot-tall beagle is affectionately known, was built in 1997 and is the world’s biggest beagle. Barking mad or a work of art? You decide.

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