Photos: Rock Climber Ascends a Giant Redwood Tree

Chris Sharma tests his skills on a giant redwood tree in a beautiful Northern California forest.
Climber Chris Sharma Ascends a Giant Redwood Tree
Getting the feel for the forest © Keith Ladzinski/Red Bull Content Pool
By Kevin McAvoy

As one of the greatest rock climbers in the sport, Chris Sharma has constantly challenged himself to achieve some of the most difficult first ascents imaginable, often pushing the outer limits of what's deemed possible in climbing. His immense skill and determination take him to new heights, but it's his passion that keeps him moving forward. After all, if he didn't thoroughly enjoy what he was doing, he'd stop doing it.

Originally from Santa Cruz, California, Sharma grew up climbing trees, and whenever he returns to the area from his adopted Spain, he visits the giants in the forest to reconnect with his past. It was only a matter of time before he brought his climbing passion to the redwoods, ascending one of the old-growth statesmen in Eureka, California, for a project called Giant Ascent.

Watch the full video of the project here, and browse the gallery below to see photos of Sharma and team in the awe-inspiring forest setting.

The UC Berkeley tree biologists Sharma worked with on the project are developing funding to evaluate the impact of the current historic drought on redwood trees and forests in the Santa Cruz Mountains near the southern edge of the redwood range. Visit their fundraising site to contribute.

Watch Chris Sharma’s Giant Ascent on YouTube and Red Bull will donate $.10 for each unique view of the video, up to a maximum of $10,000, to help continue redwood tree research.

Donation offer starts 6/15/15. Offer ends the earlier of 7/31/15 or when 100,000 unique views are reached. Donations are not tax deductible to you. Excludes residents of AL, MA and SC. Void where prohibited. Benefiting Entity: University of California, Berkeley Foundation.*

*The University of California, Berkeley nor its Foundation are affiliated with, sponsor or endorse this promotion.

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